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Kim R 

Money well spent! I love mine.

Money well spent! I love mine. I get motion sickness very easily and I recommend this to people all the time!!

Judy A 

This is the ONLY thing I’ve found that works

I have extreme motion sickness and this is the ONLY thing I've found that works!

Lisa L

Money well spent

I had extreme motion sickness. I've used this on cruises, riding in back seats of vehicles and it has been a savior. Money well spent.

Sue B

Thanks for such a fantastic product

I've always told my friends that I could do a testimonial for Reliefbands. Before Reliefbands I could not fly without vomiting which was miserable for me and everyone around me. I now fly with absolutely no problem...thanks for such a fantastic product.

David L.

This product is a life-saver, for me!!!

I purchased the Reliefband, around January of this year. Before that, for most of my childhood, and adult life (I'm 22 years old.) I had suffered from severe motion sickness, when getting into a car. When I wasn't driving, I could last maybe 5-10 minutes, before turning totally green... I've tried every medication under the sun. (Bonine, Dramamine, Zofran, etc.) Some of those would combat the feeling greatly. Although, my energy would suffer. I even went as far as heading to my local ear, nose, and throat doctor... Right out of the gate. Before being told about any medications, the staff directed me to the Reliefband. Of course, at first, I was skeptical... Now, though? This product is a life-saver, for me!!!