What Our Customers Are Saying


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Cathy F 

It works without using medications

I have used a reliefband for many years for vertigo & motion sickness. It is the only thing that I use because it works without using medications. I have to use it when I travel or I would never go anywhere.

Sheila S 

I wouldn’t leave home without it.

I have used one of these on every trip I have taken, for many years. I wouldn't leave home without it. It saves me from motion sickness like nothing else has.

Shellene C


I have this for years and can't begin to imagine my life or my sons without it! we both deal with extreme motion sickness and this TRULY WORKS! I went on a 10 day cruise and made it through the whole thing without one ounce of sickness.

Rich H

 Works great!

Works great! Was taking flying lessons and my flight instructor told me about this, it worked great! Now I have my license!

Carrie J

It still works!

I was so sick during my first pregnancy that I got down to 85 pounds and was hospitalized twice. I used this my second pregnancy and only threw up once, and not a single time my third pregnancy! 14 years later and it still works.