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Jan S 

Best thing I have ever bought!!!

Best thing I have ever bought!!! I get extremely car sick. Was in the car for 12 hours today in the mountains and life is good!!

Allen L 

Just used mine to fly to Vegas….worked great.

Just used mine to fly to Vegas....worked great. Now the cab ride to the hotel really put it to the test, and it did pretty good there too! Worth the $

Dolly E

 This really works.

This really works. Friday night the ship rocked and rolled all night and I didn't get sick the whole week. Enjoyed my trip to Alaska. If you get motion sickness get one of these. Don't get the cheap ones, you get what you pay for.

Gina E 

Amazing!!! And, life changing!

I was someone who HAD to be the driver because otherwise I'd get nauseous. Now, I can actually read while my husband drives. Amazing!!! And, life changing!

Jan S 

I’m a believer!

I'm a believer! It's a total game changer!